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Ottobix is an agency focused on the creation of websites with very high added value, based in Milan, New York and Prague.

In Love

We are in love with our work. We excel thanks to out passion and dedication.


We materialize your ideas, imaginations and fantasies. There are no boundaries.


We are convinced that a culture that prioritizes people is the foundation of any solid company.


We truly do care about your growth, just as much as we better ourselves daily.

What makes us different

Ottobix grows every day on the basis of respect, collaboration and competence.

Underlying Ottobix is the intrinsic belief that if we work together, treat each other with respect and act in the best interests of our customers and our team, we will be successful. Ottobix is made up of talented, motivated and compassionate people. Collaboration is the most valuable weapon in our “arsenal”.

We consider every project, whether it is the creation of a website, ecommerce, or SEO strategy, as if it were our own intimate project, and not as any boring task to complete. Every Ottobix action is technical and based on the observation of statistical data, but every interaction you will have with our Team is personal, professional and, above all, pleasant.



40, Via Carlo Pisacane

New York

271 W 47th St Apartment 43A


Dejvická 13, 160 00 Praha 6-Dejvice

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Ottobix is an agency focused on creating websites with a very high added value. We are convinced that a corporate website should not simply be an element of representation, but a business one. We also believe that brands are people. We pride ourselves on optimizing the presentability and digital efficiency of our customers.