La Casa di Babette

La Casa di Babette: From Shadow to Light in the Digital World


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The problem

La Casa di Babette, a renowned Maison, faced a digital challenge that seemed insurmountable. They had in fact decided to redo their website at another agency, hoping for a stronger and more representative online presence. However, the result was a problematic site, and the failed SEO migration resulted in the total loss of their organic ranking. In fact, all the work and reputation built online over the previous years was gone. This situation made it imperative for Babette’s House to find a quick and effective solution. It was clear that they needed a robust strategy to regain and grow their online presence. That’s when Ottobix came into play, with a clear vision and a promise: to bring Babette’s House back to its rightful place in the digital world.

The solution

The first step Ottobix took was to completely recreate the Babette’s House website. The goal was to have a modern site, in line with the Maison’s brand image and, above all, optimized for search engines. This included the creation of a site structure consistent with all the Maison’s areas of intervention. Once the new site was launched, Ottobix implemented SEO and SEM campaigns simultaneously. This combined approach has guaranteed not only the return of the lost visibility, but also an exponential growth of the online presence of La Casa di Babette.

The results

The results obtained were surprising. From November 18, 2021 to September 15, 2023, the Babette’s House website experienced a digital metamorphosis. From an initial positioning for just 13 search terms and a Domain Authority of 4, it has reached an impressive 511 keywords and a Domain Authority of 17. During this period, 35,000 new users visited the site, an extraordinary increase of 3,537% compared to the previous period. Of these, 13,135 arrived organically, while 3,135 searched for Babette’s House using brand keywords, recording an increase of 1,127%. The impact was so strong that the site is now visible nationwide, reaching the first page for crucial keywords.


Thanks to the experience and strategy of Ottobix, Babette’s House has returned to shine online. This case study highlights the importance of a well-maintained online presence and how a strong partnership between a company and its digital agency can overcome any challenge.

Ottobix provided the following services to the customer La Casa di Babette


On-site, Off-site, Local SEO.


Campaigns on the Google Search Network


Creation of new website.


SEO/SEM/Business consultancy

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