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Reviews from current and existing customers.

Ottobix SEO & Web Design Reviews

Read some of our reviews to find out what our SEO & Web Design.

Great professionalism which is expressed in the precise and punctual management of the customer. In Ottobix I have always found a serious and prepared company that manages to create a service tailored to my needs. In particular, I requested a website for my law firm.. excellent work!! Thank you guys!!

Marco ZavattaGoogle

Maximum quality and professionalism, I have been followed from the beginning and for years now Ottobix has supported me with patience and always find the best solutions. Always available, almost 24 hours a day. My clients always compliment me on the clarity of the site and its aesthetics.<br>Thank you very much to all the team, see you soon

Letizia TorreGoogle

I have relied on Ottobix for some website projects for myself or for organizations I belong to or are in contact with. I found that it is easy to work with them because they don't speak "IT language" but they try to understand your needs and explain the solution to you in a simple and understandable way. They went to the point, they brought home the result they needed and on time. Perhaps the best in Milan and Hinterland.

Manuele BertonGoogle

perhaps the best website agency & SEO in Italy. smooth, unhindered process. they immediately understood what I needed and they did it, giving me a website that was actually more beautiful than I had in mind at the beginning.. what can I say, the best

Claudio RiccioGoogle

Web agency in Milan with very kind and always available staff. I especially thank and greet my account manager Davide who has always assisted me step by step in designing the site. Hello to all the ottobix team

Lorenzo GilbertiGoogle

exceptional SEO agency in Milan .. they explained all the technical things of seo and positioning on google to me. they guided me as if I were a middle school boy towards maturity.. what can I say, exceptional.. they made me understand that behind the work they do there is hard work but true value.. they are certainly among the best

Daniele ConsalvoGoogle

Local SEO and creation of the website for my restaurant. Super-professional approach, excellent attention to the customer. The best hands down. I especially thank my Account Manager Melania for always being there if I need anything. Thanks also to the Commercial Director Danilo, always punctual.

Marco IannoneGoogle

I asked for a website for my architecture studio: excellent prices and excellent quality. compared to other agencies that charge thousands of euros for minimal interventions, they are the top.. smooth and flawless interaction with the customer, they know what they are doing and make you understand it calmly and timely even if they wouldn't be required to do so. .

Emanuela SalarisGoogle

Kudos to this web design agency! I commissioned my corporate website and the management of a blog and social networks obtaining profitable results for my company. Thanks to their work I have increased my clientele but above all I have been able to make my medical profession known also in the digital world. The Ottobix team is extremely professional. Another point is also the constant presence after the end of the project. Super recommended agency.

Carlo MerloGoogle

Fantastic, competent team, they made my site exactly how I wanted it, as if they had known me for a lifetime. they planned a strategy for the growth of my company. they are in contact with me almost every day to find out if I am having results and I can only be delighted to be guided and followed in an area of which I know little or nothing

Good LifeGoogle

We turned to Ottobix for web development. During the collaboration, their way of working has always been well organised, professional and attentive to the various requests made, all fulfilled in a very short time. An extremely valid agency for the development of beautiful and functional websites.

Saverio PostiGoogle

Ottobix created the Association's website on time and with the agreed characteristics, demonstrating great professionalism. It has also been able to provide interesting solutions in structuring the contents. It also intervenes very quickly in the various requests for modification and integration of the site.

Oli HuGoogle

Best Web Agency in Milan in the Porta Venezia area. I don't understand anything about technology but they were very good at introducing me to the subject!<br>A dear friend introduced me to it

Diego GambarettoGoogle

The staff is very courteous and friendly.<br />They have created a beautiful website for me. Impeccable result.<br>Thanks, guys!

Maria TerryGoogle

Excellent experience with Ottobix:<br />Very professional team, patient in adapting to our deadlines, polite and always available!<br />I highly recommend to anyone looking for a serious and professional web agency in Milan!

Lucia SantaGoogle

I thank them for the excellent work done; they listened to my needs by implementing with professionalism and creativity those mechanisms capable of making any idea "emerge" on the web in a concrete way. I highly recommend them.

Luciamo Impellizzeri TarantelloGoogle

Professionals, courteous and helpful, fully satisfied with their service, excellent company. I recommend it even to the most demanding and fussy people, attentive to details like me!

Francesco LalliGoogle

They have developed an ad-hoc e-commerce for my products (bracelets and accessories), optimized SEO (70% of my customers are organic) and I currently work and ship throughout Italy without problems.<br>Satisfied, prices competitive and speed.</p><p>I recommend 😎🙌🏻

Melk MusicGoogle

Industry professionals. I requested an SEO optimized website to get found on Google. Fast and above all they satisfied any of my requests.

Michele RossiGoogle

I am delighted with the work done by ottobix! very nice staff!!! special thanks to danilo and irene!!

Alessandro MacciGoogle

Ottobix doesn't just create websites or applications.. it creates results. In recent years, having such a partner available for an entrepreneur and for her company is essential. I entrusted Ottobix with the creation of all our portals and the management of all aspects of corporate web marketing. And with the results obtained, I foresee a long and fruitful collaboration.</p><p>Cecilia

Cecilia AgapitoGoogle

I contacted Ottobix to develop an e-commerce for my building materials store. I had a great time (attention to the customer, quick responses and great professionalism) so much so that I was able to notice an increase in turnover!!! Highly recommended

Paolo MercandalliGoogle

"I reached the top positions in Google for keywords compatible with my writing activity, all thanks to a website created by Ottobix and an SEO strategy that allowed me to be more visible on search engines. Without a doubt the best."

Franco FIlibertoGoogle

I chose to opt for the June 2020 offer and I'm reaching a lot of customers locally through my new website. I recommend it to everybody!

Ivan SantiGoogle

Logo and corporate image centered on the first try...great job!!!

Enrico PignatelliGoogle

I owe them a lot, they created an e-commerce site for my products that I owe you only locally, within a few months they managed to get me to make sales and shipments all over the world. I recommend them for their professionalism and competence.

Antonio BertolelliGoogle

I took advantage of the June 2020 offer. 8-page website, Logo & SEO strategy. Great job. Highly recommended”

Diego SantiniGoogle

Ho usufruito dell' offerta maggio 2020 , Ottobix mi ha realizzato un sito web aziendale + logo realizzato in grafica vettoriale + strategia SEO personalizzata. Mi sono trovato benissimo e staff accogliente al telefono

Paolo ToncelliGoogle

Very fast and SEO optimized company website we are at the top of google. Trained and always available staff. Super recommended

Stefano BiniGoogle

GOOD!! Yes, they are good and helpful, I developed the new tourist motorbike rental site with them with a demanding workflow and, always with them, I developed a marketing plan to make us known throughout the country through search engine optimization (SEO). They are of great help to us, they leave room for reasoning, they work hard and achieve results with the help of a good network of collaborators. I really recommend them!!

Mattia AgostaGoogle

I wanted to publicly thank Ottbix for dedicating their time and making their experience available to me.<br>GREAT JOB!

Roberto TridoloGoogle

I requested Website + SEO Strategy and found many more clients locally for my real estate agency.

Orange ImmobiliareGoogle

Ottobix has created an SEO optimized site for my company. This allowed me to appear in the top positions of Google without having to do paid advertising

Francesco RovelliGoogle

Professional studio, serious and fast in making deliveries. The work was as expected, indeed, better! Congratulations to all the staff

Alberto SalussoGoogle

I found them here on Google and I can't give them up anymore. Young and reactive, as well as knowing their stuff. The site travels well and with the backlinks that they have produced, the site has shot up big time.

Manuel CaldareseGoogle

Ottobix team is nice and welcoming, they made me a ten page website with seo architecture

Luigi Dal CantonGoogle

Great activity! I turned to them for a website.. highly recommended!!

Samantha MaccaroneGoogle

They made me a beautiful site and I was also happy with SEO optimization. Great advice!

Kristian DontchevGoogle

Web agency of professionals, always attentive to customer satisfaction, provide valuable advice and concrete support in online promotion of your business. Specialized in website creation, e-commerce, positioning and web marketing activities.

Salvatore CaltabianoGoogle

recommended company, they made me a beautiful site for my architecture studio.

Emma PaoliniGoogle
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