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Reach the 1st page and increase your global,
national and local customers thanks to SEO🔎💸


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Reach the 1st page and increase your global,
national and local customers thanks to SEO🔎💸


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SEO Agency Milan

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Ottobix is an SEO agency based in Milan specialized in search engine optimization. Whether you're a new business or in the market for years, Ottobix's search engine optimization strategies include advanced keyword mapping, authoritative link building, and a technical strategy aimed at crystallizing a lasting presence on search engines and an unprecedented competitive advantage.

  • SEO Flagship Presence
  • Organic Search Supremacy
  • SEO Lead Generation

Search engine optimization is like an art, but it is often misunderstood. Quite simply, people are using the internet to search for your company or what you have to offer. That's why it's vitally important that you appear at the top of search engine results.<br />If your business isn't at the top when someone is looking for what you offer, you're losing customers to your competitors.

  • SEO positioning Milan
  • SEO Consulting Milan
  • SEO Training Milan


Premium Web Design

The websites developed by Ottobix are studied both in terms of aesthetic supremacy and in terms of conversions.

White Hat SEO

Our SEO techniques are transparent and perfectly adherent to the White Hat SEO doctrine.

Customer Obsessed

In Ottobix, "customers" are firstly people and business partners. We accompany you step by step to success.

SEO Agency Milano

Dominate search results. Sell more.

SEO Flagship Presence

Long-lasting presence on search engines.

UX optimization

UX optimization for latest SEO updates.

Keyword Strategy

Selection of the best keywords for your business.

Ultra Speed

Speed optimization for smooth browsing.

SEO Driven

To make you easily found on Google by your customers.


Creating and optimizing strategic SEO backlinks.

On Page SEO

Best-in-class on page SEO optimization.

Search Supremacy

Organic traffic primary source of acquisition.

SEO Lead Generation

Get new customers thanks to SEO Lead Gen.

White Hat SEO

We use Google compliant SEO techniques.

Customer Obsession

With you at all times to always support you.

Local SEO

Intercept local customers thanks to Local SEO.

SEO Consulting Milan

SEO Milan positioning: the winning strategy to intercept local customers 🏆

Do you want to get new customers from Google without investing in advertising budget (Google Ads)? The starting point is to cement an unmissable and irresistible online presence. Our mission is to keep you ahead of your competitors when it comes to online research, so you can turn your website into a full-time seller. Look at the facts: 70% of search engine users click on unpaid (organic) listings instead of ads. This is where Ottobix comes into play.

Not only do you need to be up there in the organic search results for the keywords your customers are using, you need to be ready with content that they will find useful and relevant at that specific stage of their buying journey. We specialize in creating Milan SEO consultancy for large companies and local businesses. Our goal is for you to dominate Google search results and win over your ideal customers with content designed for your audience.

Why you should implement SEO?

Great search engine optimization (SEO) services can give your business a huge edge. They can improve brand awareness, help you generate more leads, and fuel your bottom line. Let’s put it this way, there are 63,000 searches on Google every second, which equates to 5.5 billion searches every day. That’s an incredible number of people go to Google with their questions.

So your business needs excellent SEO services if it is to reach the people who use Google every single second to find answers. After all, SEO is the process of optimizing your website to help you achieve SEO rankings for your target keywords. But excellent SEO is what takes your website from the lull of search rankings all the way to the first page. This is very important because 75% of searchers never go beyond the first page of search results.

Why should you rely on Ottobix?

Ottobix: Goodness of the SEO method – Premium Web Design – Customer Obsession.

The need to make rational decisions from an economic and business point of view will certainly appear evident to the company owner or manager.

Making rational decisions from an economic and business perspective means that the owner of the company must always take care of his core business , and do not spend precious time learning from scratch a very complex activity such as the creation of corporate websites and optimized in terms of marketing and SEO.

As Ottobix, we will never dream of spending our time learning activities that go beyond our core business (Web Design & SEO ), because we are well aware of the time (and therefore economic) advantages deriving from the outsourcing of activities that do not belong to us.

Which companies do you work with?

As an SEO agency in Milan, we work with companies that are serious about generating revenue through SEO. You might be a local business owner who wants to get in front of local customers – our local SEO services will ensure you dominate local search. Are you the marketing manager of a company and want to increase the ROI of your SEO campaigns? Maybe you’re launching a brand new product or service and want to reach a new customer base through Google search. Our SEO services are designed to do exactly that.


How to choose the best SEO agency?

What you are looking for is an agency SEO that focuses on data-driven insights and how they apply to the your business. Any agency worth your time will create a custom plan specific to your growth goals. Haven’t you told them what your growth goals are? They will ask you and then take the time to understand them clearly. You are looking for specialists who will develop a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals. This has to address the unique challenges you face every day. So, as difficult as it may be, don’t let quick talk about results and fancy digital marketing techniques sway you. Ask the agency to explain why and how these techniques will work for you.


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Acquiring clicks at no cost thanks to SEO is the real competitive advantage


Best SEO Agency Milan &#x1f3c6;

Expect great things from your Ottobix Team

Believe us, because we already have. These are real numbers from only one extremely successful. Ottobix partner

Before Ottobix

Before our intervention, this client had a website with annual traffic of 800 visits per year, 10 keywords positioned , and 92% bounce rate.


After Ottobix

After our site restyling and contextual SEO optimization, we increased organic traffic up to 1,632%, +12,001% positioned keywords, and -78% bounce rate.



SEO positioning Milan

Cristallizza la tua presenza su Google 💎

Milan is the center of all of Italy Sure, Rome has its plus points, but Milan is where fashion, finance and technology meet to make the magic happen. In such a powerful city, it takes a lot of work to stand out. This is where Ottobix helps companies increase their SEO Positioning through high-performance customized SEO campaigns to reach the first page of Google. As the leading SEO Agency Milan, we are proud to help our fellow citizens succeed. We make sure you meet and exceed your revenue targets and achieve sustainable growth over time.

The one thing we know we can’t do when it comes to SEO Milan placement is copy and paste the same strategy for different companies. Stick around long enough and you’ll find “experts” from Milan ready to apply quick and now ineffective strategies (black-hat SEO) to try to make something happen. We’ve been running SEO campaigns long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. And nothing we do will ever harm your business. You will have our guarantee along with our full transparency to keep you safe. You, and your business.

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The advantage of relying on Ottobix is that you can always count on a human and friendly approach, without ever taking your eyes off your business objectives.

    SEO Agency Milan

    Ottobix has already achieved particularly ambitious SEO results. That's why you can rely on us.

    One of the main benefits of hiring an <b>SEO Agency in Milan</b> is that we will take care of the technical details and hard work required to get your website indexed in an area geographically relevant to your business. While you may try to optimize your website for search engines, chances are you won't see the results you want. Hiring a specialized company is the ideal option for acquiring new customers for your business: you take care of your core business, we take you to the top positions on Google.

    You also need to consider the importance of hiring a <b>SEO Agency Milan</b>. Search engine optimization isn't just done on a global scale, as not all companies offer a product or service to a global audience. Many companies in Milan address a Milanese public. Google understands this fact and prioritizes certain searches so that local businesses appear at the top.

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