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Sell more
with Google Ads 🔥

Start advertising on Google Ads, the largest
ads platform in the world 🔎💸

Sell more
with Google Ads 🔥

Start advertising on Google Ads, the largest
ads platform in the world 🔎💸


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Qualified Leads

Fill your sales pipeline with quality leads.

Landing Pages that convert

Improve your conversions with our proven landing pages.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your Google Ads Certified Dedicated Account Manager

Google Ads campaign management

Discover Ottobix PPC services that grow companies 🏅

Tired of investing budget and not getting the desired results? With Ottobix, we introduce you to the world’s largest and most powerful advertising platform: Google Ads. Executing the best SEM strategies requires a smart approach that avoids budget erosion in the first place. Knowing how to build performing and intelligent Google Ads campaigns requires a detailed understanding of your internal business metrics, as well as strategy, creativity and a high level of understanding of the advertising platform. Through our innovative process, we put your campaigns on a strategic path to get you the most “profitable” ROI possible.

We intelligently use advanced market analysis and campaign design to ensure that you not only compete, but you can beat your competitors before your potential customers even click on your ad. We analyze existing competitor data including keywords, ads and bids to make sure you’re ready to take on the competition from day one.

PPC campaign management

The right Google Ads strategy for your goals

Each client gets a personalized strategy for your business and goals. We can use multiple campaign types depending on what works best for you!


Google Ads strategy

Each client gets a personalized strategy for your business and goals. We can use multiple campaign types depending on what works best for you!

Call Only

Have customers call you with just one click.


Follow your website visitors around the web.

Google Shopping Campaigns

Showcase your products to increase sales and revenue.

Get 2 Months of Free Google Ads Campaign Management


For a limited time, when you sign up for a Google Ads campaign management agreement,<br>you'll receive 2 months of our PPC services for FREE.


Google Ads campaign management

It doesn’t matter which market you trade in.
We’ll take care of your campaigns.


Local Business

You get a constant flow of calls and new clients.


Get more leads, strategy sessions and clients.


Increase signups and brand awareness.


Increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment.


Boost demos and
increases the LTV.

Health & Fitness

Find, engage and acquire new patients and customers.

Optimization of PPC campaigns

Drastically reduce your costs with our optimization strategy 🎯

Companies need a constant and qualitative flow of incoming customers and leads that are actually ready to buy. That’s why we use our multi-step strategy process to help you get the greatest possible return on investment.

1. Campaign design and pre-optimization
We intelligently design your campaigns and monitor them every day to both increase your conversion rate and lower your cost per conversion. This “budget-conscious” approach is our starting point to get you the best possible results with the budget you decide to allocate.

2. Optimization of search terms
In our second stage of optimization, we continue to refine the campaigns and make sure that only qualified traffic is generated on your website.

3. Performance optimization
After obtaining sufficient historical data to make rational decisions based on scientific evidence, we can implement corrections and optimizations at the level of strategy, keywords, bids, audience segments, audiences, in order to make your Google ads campaign more and more performing.

4. Scale your Business
As we experiment with bidding strategies and rotate A/B tests on your campaigns, your campaign KPIs will get better and better and you can scale your business while maintaining a lean and agile acquisition strategy.

Boost conversions

Leveraging an approach based on observation and data triangulation, we create high-converting landing pages that maximize conversions and deliver more leads at a cost calibrated with the budget at your disposal.


Dedicated PPC Account Manager

With Ottobix, you always have the campaign manager by your side, who will be your direct contact. Each PPC campaign manager at Ottobix is a Google Ads certified paid traffic expert and works directly on your campaigns. You will have complete confidence that your campaign manager knows exactly what is happening at all times.


We are Google Partner

We are proud to hold the prestigious title of Google Partner. Achieving partner status means that Ottobix has demonstrated skill and expertise in Google Ads Campaign Management. Additionally, we met Google’s ad spend requirements, increased revenue for our company clients, and expanded our customer base.


Effective Workflow

Competitor analysis
We carry out meticulous competitor analyzes to identify the best opportunities

Advanced optimization strategy
We use a multi-step strategy to deliver maximum ROI

High-converting landing pages
We create custom landing pages to drive your sales crazy

Dedicated Campaign Manager
Each Campaign Manager is a paid traffic expert and works directly with you

Transparent reporting
Find out exactly what’s going on with your campaign


Request strategic advice

Acquiring clicks at no cost thanks to SEO is the real competitive advantage

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