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Each single website we create is eligible to reach the top positions on Google. However, SEO, like all arts & crafts, takes time, effort and dedication. Above all, it needs to be done by experts. So why is SEO so important? Because a well done SEO simply makes it easy for target people to find you on Google.

If you hear someone promising you quick and inexpensive results, beware. We will never stop emphasizing this: SEO takes time. To use a metaphor, SEO is like a veggie garden. It needs to be well treated. It needs to be cultivated. Day by day.

The effort is great, but the results are even greater.


Efficiency. Performance. Beauty.

Discover our websites’ 12 Premium features.

Retina-Ready Layout

Premium Retina-Ready for stunning graphics.

Design UX/UI

We design virtual paths for your audience.

Full Responsive Design

Beautiful on each and every device.


Ultra-fast websites for an effortless navigation.

SEO Driven

Allowing your potential clients to find you easily.


Our Premium SSL Certificate will protect you at all times.


We optimize your website on the bases of data.


Cookies & Privacy Policies in respect of the laws.

Hosting Included

No supplementary charges, Hosting is free.

Social Media

We will integrate each of your SM accounts.


With you at every step along the journey.

Virtual Reality 360°

Virtual showrooms and interactive e-shops.

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Web agency of the year 2018 🏆

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Believe us, because we’ve already done it. These are the numbers of one of our excellent success stories.

Before Ottobix

Prior to our intervention, this client had a website with an annual traffic of 16,555 visits per year, 9,772 keywords placed, and a 0% ROI.

After Ottobix

After our website restyling and contextual SEO optimization, we have increased it up to 104,457 visits per year, 26,740 keywords placed, and a 780% ROI.


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If you are an owner of a business and you’re about to create a website, we will stop you in time: you need a cool one. Designed by professionals. Marketing optimized. Sales optimized. SEO optimized. The truth is that you can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if nobody sees it, it is equivalent to having a 5-star hotel in the Sahara Desert.

The websites developed by Ottobix are not only aesthetically superior, but combine effectiveness with efficiency, building, for the owner, a sustainable digital competitive advantage over time. The advantage of having an SEO optimized website is unbeatable, reason for which it is a crucial investment to outgrow your competition.

01. Research

Deep knowledge of the referential competitive context is essential for differentiating oneself from competitors.

02. UX/UI

After designing the UX, we will focus on the marketing / graphic aspect, the User Interface (UI).

03. Development

We will reflect the corporate identity of your company on your website. The goal is to elevate your brand.

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Ottobix is an agency focused on creating websites with a very high added value. We are convinced that a corporate website should not simply be an element of representation, but a business one. We also believe that brands are people. We pride ourselves on optimizing the presentability and digital efficiency of our customers.