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    SEO estimate: what it is and how to get it

    Many businesses have been successful online. In addition to providing the best products and services, businesses need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO), which has become a cornerstone of online success. One of the best ways to base your SEO strategies is to get an SEO quote.

    What is an SEO quote?

    An SEO quote is a proposal made by an SEO agency to list the existing problems of a website in terms of SEO, the solutions to correct the errors and the recurring services that the agency can provide.

    While the cost of hiring SEO professionals may surprise some business owners, the long-term SEO benefits should be reason enough to consider hiring an SEO agency.

    As a business owner, you should be able to see your website’s online presence improve when you start with an SEO quote.

    What to expect from an SEO quote

    The main goal of any SEO agency is to ensure that their clients’ websites appear among the top search results. As part of the SEO quote strong>, SEO professionals offer a wide range of services to drive more traffic and ultimately turn visitors into loyal customers.

    Here are some of the basic services that most SEO agencies and professionals can offer:

    • Provide a suggestion in choosing a domain name
    • Optimize titles, keywords and general content
    • Assess the quality of the content and its uniqueness
    • Optimize outgoing links, backlinks and internal links
    • Optimize site loading time on different devices
    • Increase visibility by creating accounts on different social media sites
    • Optimize meta tags, title and description
    • Fix broken links


    A standard SEO quote contains the following provisions:

    1. Carefully evaluate the virtual health of your website

    This includes checking the content, keywords used, current ranking and analytics.

    2. Improvement of the “crawlability” of the website

    Google monitors each website by crawling and indexing the pages. However, you need to increase the chances of your website being indexed by implementing SEO techniques . This means that there should be some valuable information on the website.

    Crawling is the process where search bots go through the website looking for new and updated information or content and report it to the search engine. Meanwhile, indexing involves processing information collected by bots from crawling activities.

    In the case of Google, the crawled data is entered into the searchable index if the process has determined that the website contains good quality content.

    3. Improved keyword strategy

    Identify existing keywords or keyword phrases and check how relevant they are to the topic of the website.

    4. Competitor monitoring and analysis

    You can use your competition as a basis for how to make your website more engaging for your visitors. This includes knowing how your competitors gain an edge by presenting themselves online.

    5. Link analysis

    Using backlinks is another element of an extremely essential SEO quote for any website. The backlink is important because it is an indication of a website’s popularity. Making use of inbound links that are relevant to your site is an effective way to increase traffic to your site. Be warned, though: Using links that aren’t relevant to your business may not help your website at all.

    6. Content Review

    This process has two stages: checking the content of each page and determining how and where the content is used on other sites. In this way, SEO experts can determine if the content of the site is of good quality and can make others visit it often or link back to the website.

    7. Social media integration

    Social media has become an integral part of any business as it provides multiple channels to raise awareness online about a particular brand. A good SEO citation should include social media as one of the elements to integrate into your strategy SEO campaign.

    8. Report Generation

    The SEO agency should provide a comprehensive analysis as well as strategic planning and forecasts to make the to web you attract more traffic. Reporting can be done on a weekly or monthly basis.

    9. Compatibility with mobile devices

    Google prefers responsive or mobile-friendly websites to appear at the top of the SERPs. This is reason enough to check the SEO quote whether this factor is included or not. Also, the popularity of mobile browsing has soared in recent years and most of the online users prefer to read websites via smartphone or tablet. If you want to grab the attention of your mobile target market, your SEO strategy should include optimizing your website for mobile viewing.


    SEO estimate: costs and options

    How much does an SEO project cost on average?

    It’s a fair question, and I hear it often. When someone asks about the cost of an “SEO project,” it’s a telltale sign that they think of SEO as a complete activity.

    In truth, any SEO optimization worth paying for is an ongoing process that involves constantly monitoring your analytics, responding to changes in the competitive landscape, and checking whether Google algorithm updates have impacted your rankings.


    Is there a standard cost for SEO?

    In a word, no. You will find a wide range of costs in the SEO industry.

    There are as many ways to pay for SEO as there are SEO service providers. In general, SEO cost models fall into these categories:


    1. Hourly consultation
    You may choose to work with an SEO consultant on an as-needed basis and pay by the hour. While this may seem like a convenient avenue to pay for only what you need, the question you need to answer is: How do you know what you need? Do you rely on an hourly consultant to prioritize SEO tasks for you? How long does it take someone who gets paid by the hour to build a long-term SEO plan that will benefit your business for years to come?


    2. Fixed price contract
    The fixed price model gives you the opportunity to pay a certain amount in euros for specific SEO services. For example, you might pay for one site audit, 100 backlinks or ten content optimized for research. The SEO company provides a “deliverable” in exchange for a predetermined amount. Just like the hourly consulting model, fixed-price contracts might seem like an attractive way to pay for only what you need.

    However, this model assumes that each SEO activity has a unit value and the value of each directly corresponds to the price you pay for them.

    More importantly, however, this kind of piecemeal approach ignores an essential part of creating an SEO campaign< /a> for the benefit of your business goals: a strategy.

    Without a unifying goal that drives every available SEO tactic to the same end, you’ll end up with nothing but a ticked checklist that serves no greater purpose.


    3. Project-based pricing
    This pricing model is similar to the fixed price contract in that the client pays a one-off price for a custom SEO “project”. Rather than choosing à la carte services, as with the fixed price model, the project you pay for could include several SEO services. For example, you might engage an SEO expert to help you with the launch of a new site, which requires consulting on site structure, keyword research, and creating new content.

    While this pricing model allows for more flexibility to approach issues with a strategic mindset, the narrow scope of these deals limits the value SEO can bring to your bottom line.

    There is a huge opportunity cost in treating a discreet SEO project as insulated from more significant visibility issues.


    4. Pay for Performance SEO
    Pay-for-performance SEO, or performance-based SEO, is a payment model where customers pay for SEO only after they see results. Agencies that offer this type of pay-on-results SEO service typically focus on setting goals to improve your rankings, traffic, or revenue. While this would seem like an ideal client scenario (especially for those who have been burned by SEO agencies in the past), there can be hidden risks to taking this approach.

    When an SEO provider focuses solely on quick money to be paid, will overlook essential SEO strategies that take longer to produce results and produce sustainable success. In the worst-case scenario, an outcome-based emphasis encourages shortcuts that could harm your brand reputation.


    5. Monthly fee
    A monthly fee is usually part of a long-term contract that focuses on a larger goal. Specific tactics support an overall strategy designed to shift focus to specific business goals.

    Monthly SEO contracts can vary in length, but the longer the agreement, the more freedom an SEO provider has to recommend sustainable strategies that increase long-term results, such as investing in quality content for demonstrate authority in your field and build trust with potential clients.

    SEO at affordable prices: all that glitters is not gold

    Inevitably, as you search for SEO providers, there will be someone promising to deliver the moon at rock bottom prices.

    Don’t be tempted. Being lured by the promise of great results on a shoestring budget not only won’t help your search engine rankings, it could also destroy your website’s credibility and threaten your rankings.

    It is a common tactic of unethical SEOs to buy spam links for their clients to create quick wins in search results. The practice of placing links, whether purchased or not, regardless of their value to users is a short-sighted SEO tactic that won’t lead to the same long-term gains, and sacrifices any authority you might build with high quality links.


    Importance of SEO for companies

    SEO can definitely help improve a business’s online visibility and drive more traffic to the website through organic search results. However, to be successful in SEO, you need to determine the factors needed to help you get to the first page of search results.

    Some of these factors include the following:

    • Use the right keywords
    • Create high-quality content
    • Build engagement with visitors and turn them into customers
    • Adopt sound online marketing techniques

    When SEO comes to mind, most companies choose between assigning an in-house team or hiring a third-party agency to help them with a good SEO plan. Whatever the company chooses, the people assigned to do the job should be SEO experts.

    Assigning people from the company to handle SEO is very helpful because they already know what the company wants to achieve. Working with these SEO experts can be easier because you can reach them faster. The best way to maximize your SEO campaign is to coordinate with the marketing team.


    So how much does SEO cost?

    A high quality SEO campaign can start from €1000 per month.

    The main difference between cheap and premium SEO is the number of backlinks created each month, the amount of SEO content created, the number of expert consultants hired on that SEO campaign, as well as the number of site pages the campaign is focused on. .

    Often, our clients who started out with a lower monthly budget are able to see ROI after about six months and invest additional budget to get more backlinks, more content, and turn that additional expense into accelerated growth.



    Businesses should definitely consider seeking help from SEO experts. These professionals have enough knowledge on how to maximize your company’s online visibility. By asking for an SEO quote, you should already expect to learn a lot about your website’s shortcomings and improve from there.

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